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Audio Visual Services

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Video Conference

Main types of video conferencing:
  • Desktop endpoints are software applications or browser-based interfaces that provide access to video conferencing sessions.
  • Mobile video apps enable users to participate in video conferences via phones or tablets, regardless of their location.
  • Room-based video include support for multiple screens, the ability to project content from laptops or mobile devices and cameras that focus on active speakers around a room. Audio features vary as well;
  • Immersive telepresence simulates a live meeting. Cameras are mounted at eye level give the appearance that participants are sitting at the same table and looking at one another. Some sophisticated systems incorporate 3D and holographic images.

The advantages of video conferencing:
  • Higher productivity and efficiency.
  • More flexibility. 
  • More effective communication. 
  • Good options for remote working, online interview and distance learning.
  • Save money and time. 
Faxonics expert installations include video equipment, furniture, cameras & integrated audio systems

Classroom Setup

The right audio visual setup in a classroom can not only drive better engagement with an ever more tech-savvy scholar, but can also assist teachers in preparing and delivering lessons more effectively.
  • IWB’s (Interactive White Boards), BYODs (Bring Your Own Devices) such as tablets, laptops and video conferencing technologies are fast changing the audio visual effectiveness in classrooms.
  • Exposing students to technology at a young age will help them gain valuable skills that they will utilise later on in life.
Faxonics supports in customizing the classrooms to your requirement:
  • Setting the cabling and wiring of the classrooms
  • Wifi and network set up
  • Installation of IWB’s (Interactive White Boards)
  • Training on usage of IWB’s (Interactive White Boards)
  • After sales support in maintenance and upkeep of the IWB’s (Interactive White Boards) infrastructure
Education becomes far more stimulating and interactive which encourages learning.