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Computers & Servers

Heart and Brain of Office Infrastructure
Whether you need an entire computer, computer spare parts and other accessories Faxonics are the smart choice.
We have well qualified team which can also fully install and support, complete system. We have attained expertise in incorporating different brands of hardware into one cohesive and compatible working unit which gives maximum output through proper alignment. We have reduced cost of the customers by offering a one-stop shop solution for them.


Sales & Service of all types of Desktop personal branded or assembled Computers
Our Speciality:
  • • Industrial Computers, Workstations
  • • Installation of Computer related accessories
  • • Support for all types of (branded & assembled) desktops
  • • Customer satisfaction with warranty

Laptops | Notebooks

Sales & Service of all types of Laptops, Notebooks, Thinkpads, etc
Our Speciality:
  • • Service of all laptops/ Notebooks
  • • Support for all types of branded Laptops
  • • Parts, Accessories and all related peripherals for laptop and other technical support services for all brands of laptops.
  • • Customer satisfaction with warranty


We are experts in creating holistic network infrastructures using hardware and software to create networks that support the connectivity, communication, operations and management of the enterprise’s architecture.

Typical infrastructure components include:
  • • Hardware: Servers, computers, data centres, switches, hubs and routers, etc.
  • • Software: Enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), productivity applications and more.
  • • Network: Network enablement, internet connectivity, firewall and security.
Switches And Routers
Routers and switches are both computer networking devices that allow one or more computers to be connected to other computers, networked devices, or to other networks. The functions of a router, switch and hub and are all different, even if at times they are integrated into a single device.
Firewall and NAS Drive
Firewall and/or Port Forwarding - While these are different functions, they both can prevent a particular device from gaining access to the network. Ensure that any exceptions are made that are necessary to control the device. Port forwarding is unnecessary unless you are attempting to access it via the internet from a remote location.
Tower and Rack
This type of server is often mistaken for the very similar-looking central processing unit of a desktop computer. It is designed to be positioned on or underneath a desk and offers a basic level of performance. It also costs roughly the same as a desktop computer.
A rack server is designed to be positioned in a bay, which enables you to stack various devices on top of each other in a large tower. The bay will accommodate all of the hardware devices the company needs to function, including the server, storage devices, and security and network appliances.
Dell Dell Latitude 3400

Processor i3 - 8th Gen
Memory 4GB RAM
Graphics Intel HD 620 Graphics
Storage HDD: 1TB / SDD: 256GB
Battery 3 cell 42 WHr Prismatic, ExpressCharge™ capable
Connectivity Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1
Dimensions, Weight & Warranty 13 inch, 1.72 Kg, 1 year warranty