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Hardware Networking

Pulse of Your Business


Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis helps in understanding the short comings which affects the performances of devices/machines, which in turn leads to low productivity and downtimes, which is harmful and counterproductive for any organization.

Our Services: Networking services and solutions

We are skilled engineers to do wired and wireless network, We so design Network, Structure Cabling, Network Configuration, Expansion of Network, Wireless Network
We undertake network cabling using At&t / D-Link CAT 5, CAT 6 cabling. We can undertake turnkey projects too for structured cabling. We also do the Wireless Networking.

Desktops Computers, Laptop, Peripherals Repairing

Faxonics specialized in CHIP & COMPONENT LEVEL REPAIR of a whole range of items:

  • BOARDS / CARDS: All types of Mother Boards, Adapters& controllers, I/O & display cards, etc.
  • PRINTERS: Dot Matrix, Inkjet, Laser, Office jet, All in One etc.
  • MONITORS: All sizes of LCD, LED, TFT Screen
  • PERIPHERALS: Plotters, Digitizers, and Scanners
  • NETWORK DEVICES: Modems, Hubs, Switches, and Routers
  • POWER SUPPLY: AT, ATX, etc. SMPS especially of Server.

Data Recovery
If you are facing a data loss situation, you've come to the right place. Hades Info Systems™ has been successfully recovering data from every type of computer storage media since 2003
Our technical expertise include hard disk recovery, server recovery. Our capabilities include most of all operating systems (Windows, Novell or Unix/Linux etc.). We quickly resolve all combinations of logical and physical problems such as hard disk crash, controller failure, inaccessible Unix system, file delete, O/S reinstall, read errors, upgrade failure, restore failure, flash card reformat.

No Files - No Charge:
Recovery Charges are only applicable when you have agreed with our quotation and you accept the recovery results presented. If there are no files recovered, no recovery fee is charged. If there is a partial recovery, you decide to either accept the recovery as presented for the quoted price or decline the recovery with no recovery fee charged.

Just pay Nominal Service Charges if you declined the recovery*

Priority Service free Evaluation

Terms and conditions:

  • In order for us to do a no charge evaluation on your media, you need to send it to us.
  • The evaluation normally takes 2 to 48 hours for a single drive.
  • If there is a potential for recovery, we will provide a firm quote and time estimate.If you decline the quote, there is absolutely no charge.
  • We only ask that you pay for the courier to send it back to you.
We provide world class services to our client complete with a detailed report on the issue and the prospective solutions.

Rack Dressing

When network or optical cables are installed in a building or cabinet, the task of fitting cables into an organized bundle is called ‘cable dressing’. This dressed bundle is called a ‘loom’. A dressed loom of cables is typically a bundle of cables with the outermost cables – that is, the visible cables made to look neat and organized with cable lengths running parallel to one another. Cables in close proximity to each other, especially those oriented in parallel or in loops, can create electromagnetic interference (EMI) through induction. EMI can result in erratic or error-prone data transfers. To minimize the effects of EMI, power cables should be segregated from data cables.

Faxonics has the expertise in providing following services for Cable Rack Management:
  • Assessment of the entire wiring and cable system
  • Preparing blue print of the wiring and cable system
  • Color coding with fiber optic heat resistance cables
  • Installing customized rack with appropriate heat ventilations
  • Channeling cables for effective usage and preventing hazards
It is important to arrange and secure excess power and data cabling separately.