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Tally is a well-known software among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since more than 2 decades. Tally is a trusted software for small and medium business because of Tally’s power of simplicity. With GST Act now in India many SMEs are looking for a ERP Software to run their business and with Tally.ERP 9 Release 6, Tally stands out as one of the preferred choices for SMEs. GST-ready Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 is designed to handle GST in a simpler and easier way. Complete support for GST Billing, GST Return and many others are provided in Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.
Tally Features:
  • • Detection, Correction, and Prevention of Errors for GST Returns
  • • GST Billing and Invoice Printing in ERP Software for small business
  • • Manage Reverse Charge Transactions using Tally’s ERP Software
  • • Handling Advance Receipt in Tally’s GST Software
  • • File GST Returns using Tally’s ERP Software for Small Business
  • • Designed to handle all types of GST Rates
  • • Synchronization of data from two or more locations
  • • Complete Banking Support
  • • Multi–User Environment